From Sminge Sø to Ans

It was the weekend before France and we met up at the club to pack the canoes in the trailer. Rikke, Stine and I wanted to drive together, so the boys took the other cars and we made ready for leave.  To meters later, and we had our first big challenge.

Due to certain diplomatic challenges, I cannot go into detail of what really happened – but lets just say that it took a little longer than expected, arriving at Sminge Sø where the guys were waiting. We put the canoes in the water and began with basic technique and savings.

Strawberry pie, mokaï and J-strocks

After practicing technique we went back to the cars to have lunch and homemade strawberry pie. The air was warm and filled with small, bluish insekts. We packed out stuff and began the long paddle down the river while practicing J-stroks and drinking bear and mokeï.

In the drizzling summer rain and with bugs buzzing around our heads, we reached Ans. The kilometers had made our arms sore and we were tiered after a long day on the Gudenå river.

Aarhus Å

Next day we meet at the middle of Aarhus Å where it meets Sørens Frichs Vej. We put the canoes in and rowed down town to the center of Aarhus. This is not always possible, due to the many low bridges and high waters. We managed to get all the way down to the sea, turning around at the newly build, urban waterfront library called Dokk1.


We then rowed under the bridges to Brabrand Sø where we zigzagged the pillars under the rails. Freek fell in on the way back to the cars. No sooner were he in, before he came bouncinc back up and landed on the deck of my canoe. It looked very funny!

Stine was super nice and offered us to drive us strait back to the club, so we could chance and get a bath before Mikkel would pick us up in the afternoon and drive us to France.

A long weened came to it’s end as we boarded the auto train late that night, found our cart and fell a sleep with sore arms.