Blue sky and white frost

This weekend we drove to Alling Å with six others from Aarhus Kano og Kajak Klub. Even though it’s the end of February the sun was out, the sky clear and blue, and it was almost too hot for mittens and hoods.

The castle of Estrup

We put the kayaks in the river at Lime and with the strong current we quickly got up to speed. Only in one place were we held up when we were met by a fallen tree blocking the water. After that we continued and finally stopped at the castle of Gammel Estrup. We left the kayaks at the river bank and found a nice spot for lunch and cinnamon buns.

Randers Fjord

From there, we paddled on in the direction of Randers Fjord until we reached Uggelhuse where the kayak trailer was waiting for us.

We paddled 27 km in total, but with the strong current it felt more like 15 km. We have to keep in shape as we are joining the London Kayakathon in late April, which I will soon write a new blogpost about.