A spring trip

We drove to Draget and put the kayaks in the water on the west shore to get shelter from the wind. It was a nice, cool morning and we were some 20 participants from our kayaking club.  Though it was cloudy and a bit foggy, the water was nice and clear.

Lunch at the lighthouse

We rounded the southern end of the peninsula, went ashore and had lunch in the shed next to the lighthouse. The sun came out from between the clouds, as we came out from the shed. We enjoyed the warmth for some time. When everyone was ready, we went back to the kayaks to launch again.

Damn ferry

The ferry between Aarhus and Odden has a tendency to make big waves in and around the bay of Aarhus. It passed us by when we reached the kayaks again. Freek, who did not want to wait for the waves to come in, quickly pulled out the kayak and went in.

Just as he sat down and took a stroke, the first wave came crashing in. By the third wave he was out of the surfzone, but then had to sit and wait for the rest of us, so we could assist him in emptying his kayak.

Helgenæs Natur Efterskole

Except from Freek’s misfortune, it was such a trip with only a little headwind in the end. I had to stop though, when we passed my old “efterskole” (a kind of Danish boarding school, but less strict and with fun subjects like kayaking, fishing and horseback riding). It is 15 years since I lived at the school and it still brings up lots of happy memories. But as much as I feel “home” – I also feel a strange melancholy disconnection, for every year that passes by.