Henrik, Kira and Nikolaj got up early that morning and went for a dip in the ocean. I was still feeling tired and exhausted from the day before. We decided to paddle to Mollösund and take it from there.

It was Henriks turn to navigate and we quickly reached Mollösund. At the harbour entrance we were greeted by a big sign saying “Kayaks welcome” – and further into the harbour there was a floating pier only for kayakers. We climbed up on the quay and left the kayaks.

Back to Stöcken

After a toilet break and some cake and snacks we continued and found a little island where we had lunch and took a rest. Nikolaj, Freek and I rowed back to Stocken Camping, where we put up the tent and took a nice, hot shower. Kira, Henrik and Vlado set out to see the outer archipelago and found a mysterious barrel.

Back in the camp I spent some time organizing my stuff and catching up on my diary. When the others showed up, we made supper: mashed potatoes with canned beef. As the sun got down behind the gray clouds, we drank the last bit of rum.