Rain and pancakes

We woke up to the sound of rain and small drips where the water had entered the tent. So – instead of packing right away, we stayed inside and made pancakes on the trangias with lime & sugar, chocolate & banana.

Where are the others?

When the rain stopped, we prepared for take off. Freek and I still had our kayaks at the shore of the island and not as the others, inside the little bay. So we went to pack and get our kayaks so we could paddle into the bay while the others were packing theirs.

We knew it wouldn’t take long, as it literally took the others minutes the previous day. We set out from the little stony beach and rounded first one corner, then another and then continued for a while in a strong headwind. But every time we turned another corner and thought we had reached the bay, it was only more island and rocky shoreline. In the end we had to seek shelter from waves and wind, behind a big cliff and figure out what to do…

We realised that we had taken the wrong way around the island – and what’s worse, we had not told the others. We knew that they would by now wonder where we were and had probably left camp themselves. Fortunately, we had the phone number of Nikolaj, called him and decided where to meet. Crisis avoided – though we had to hear for it 🙂

Water and lunch

Kira was appointed the navigator of the day and the first mission was to find a place for our trash. We found a little island with a container for trash, went ashore and took a quick snack. In the meantime Vlado fetched his fishing gear and started fishing from the kayak. Moving on we found a beautiful, green island where we had lunch.

The next mission of the day was to find water for food and drinking. A couple of fallow deer were watching us from land, as we paddled towards a little harbour with a wooden pier. We found all our empty water bottles, put them in an IKEA bag and went to look for helpful Swedes. It took a while but in the end we found a nice man that gave us permission to have some of his water.

The wind turns

The wind had turned when we reached the camp that afternoon. The tent was no longer sheltered from the small forest. Instead pegs and ropes had escaped the ground and the canvas was flapping heavily in the wind. With extra pegs, big stones and even the kayaks – we tried to stabilize and support the tent against the wind. Then we unpacked and chanced into dry clothing.

If I had more time right now, I would have made you another drawing. But instead you have to do with the mental image and believe me when I say, that it is quite an experience to sit next to your boyfriend – only separated by a wooden wall – on a Swedish outdoor, compost toilet.

After the break, we began cooking. I had prepared everything from home. The menu: Risotto with dried mushrooms, white wine and Parmesan cheese. After supper we had “tea with the emperor of China” (children’s game) and we laughed and laughed when Freek, in spite of his height, proved that he could fit in an IKEA bag.

Outside was yet another beautiful sunset – but as the light slowly disappeared the wind got stronger and stronger. I was not the only one who had trouble sleeping that night…