The storm continues

I was not the only one that had trouble sleeping that night. As the tent was dancing around in the wind, I thought for sure it would fall down on top of us or fly away altogether. When the morning finally arrived, the tent was still standing.

Most of the stuff from the tent was wet. Especially Vlados stuff, since he had been lying closest to the side from where the wind and rain had hit us. To dry the wet cloths and sleeping pads, we hung them between the trees behind the tent and started making breakfast.

The weather was good this morning. Some sun, not too much wind and a hint of summer. I went for a walk around the island and found a nice spot, where I spread out the cloths from the previous day. White steam was rising from the damp fabric as it slowly dried in the heat of the vague morning sun. Freek came up to me and we lay down and enjoyed the only direct sunlight we would get.

The Bear Rock

Today Valdo had to navigate. We stayed close to shore and paddled along the bay, to stay sheltered from the wind. We passed the great Bear Rock. Henrik insisted it looked more like a naked lady than a bear. He also announced that the first to see a sea eagle would get ice cream. We did not see any eagles at all.

We passed horses on shore and sheep and geese on the small rocky islands. We took a snack break and found a small beach where we ate lunch on the side of a small hill with lots of flowers.

When we again sat out in the kayaks we were immediately hit by heavy rain and in minutes we went from dry to completely soaked. While the sound of the rain made everything else silent, we laughed at our bad luck. No summer weather could be this bad, for sure.


After a while we reached a small town where we got fresh water and a rest. We sat down in the center of town outside a cafe. We stubbornly ate our ice cream while other summer tourists passed us by in rain boots and umbrellas.

At the last stretch towards the new camp site, Henrik spotted a black guillemot – a small consolation now that the eagle did not show up. We went ashore at the island Koön, put up the tent, changed clothes and made supper. It had been a long day after a long night – so I quickly fell asleep.