Signe Bisgaard Nielsen

I love kayaking, I love drawing and I love traveling. That’s why I made this blog, to share my illustrations and stories – and hopefully the feeling one gets, when sitting in a kayak heading out on new adventures.

All that I experience, inspires me. When I pack my kayak I bring my sketchbook – and when I get back I draw it all on my computer. I’m an independent illustrator and have my own company Snigne Design since 2012.

As an instructor and member of Aarhus Kano- og Kajakklub I get plenty of inspiration for my work. I live near the club and try to squeeze as much kayaking into my busy schedule as possible. Besides kayaking, I do urban gardening, graphic facilitation and attempt to get my hands on as much outdoor gear as I can, so even my cool tour guide of a brother will get jealous of my stash.

Please contact me if you have comments, questions or good ideas for a post or trip.

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