A creative christmas event

This Sunday, Freek and I went to Aalborg to attend Santa Lucia on water. In Denmark, we traditionally celebrate Santa Lucia on the 13th of December. Young girls dress up in white gowns and walk in long processions while singing the Santa Lucia song. They carry burning candlelights in their hands and the bride, the girl in front, wears a crown with four lights on her head.

But Lucia in kayak is something different. Here everybody can attend and instead of burning candles, which would be unpractical on the water, we use electrical, battery-powered lights.

We had brought two kayaks from Aarhus and after visiting my sister, we went to the harbor to entangle the kayaks in light chains.

Tue Olesen; OnAdventure

I talked a bit with the organizer Tue. He told me that there were more than 50 signed up, which was way more than anticipated for a “first time” event. Tue was the only one we knew. The rest of the participants were people from kayaking clubs in Aalborg, Nørresundby and other places in the northern part of Jutland.

New danish tradition

We sang the Danish Lucia song a couple of times, before crossing over the fjord to Nørresundby. This is where my sister lives.  In the darkness we could not see her, even though she was standing on shore taking pictures.  It was a beautiful and clear starry night with a thin new moon, so the lights from Aalborg were pretty, seen from the other side of the water..