The small distance

Last year I joined Tour de Gudenå. It’s a yearly kayak marathon on the longest river in Denmark. I was taking the “short” distance of 42 km with Per, Mikkel, Jonas, Allan and Stefan from AKKK. Rikke and Henrik were taking the long distance of 73 km.

A bad start bug in good shape

Despite a bad start, I was in good shape. I had been nervous, since this would be my longest tour so far. Before we reached the last pit stop, I suddenly had to pee very badly. It’s annoying when kayaking. First one needs to get out of the kayak, then take of the sprayskirt, buoyancy aid and jacket before zipping down and wrestling the wetsuit. Allan was the perfect gentleman and made sure my kayak did not escape while I did my business.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!

We reached Langå and went on shore, before I realised I had dropped my iPhone. Oh no! And in the waterproof cover was my creditcard and other personal information. How would I ever find it on some random field in the middle of nowhere? At this point I did not have the energy to paddle back, upstream.

At the end of the day...

With the help of Allan’s gps tracks we found the spot on the map. His parents were helping us move the trailer – and kindly offered to take a look and see if they could find my phone on the way. With the help of the coordinates and my phone number, they found it in the end.

When I reached Randers, 42 km downstream, I was tired, happy and relieved. I had completed my first kayak marathon, I had reached a 1000 km in one year and I was reunited with my phone.